North America’s largest conference and expo on the use of natural gas to fuel HHP applications.

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Borne out of the North American shale gas revolution, the High Horsepower (HHP) Summit presents natural gas as a solution to high horsepower equipment operators aiming to significantly reduce fuel costs, improve environmental performance, and comply with important air quality regulations.

Now in its sixth year, project deployment discussions are no longer conceptual, and what was once theory is now becoming practice. Despite the temporary pricing dip in the global energy market, we have seen several significant new project announcements from the Caribbean to the Northern Yukon.

For our 2017 Summit, we headed to Jacksonville—an exciting epicenter of natural gas high horsepower projects! The agenda was packed with real-world end-user case studies and critical market insights from industry executives.

Key agenda themes included:

  • Increased market penetration of natural gas powered HHP equipment
  • Early project successes driving investment in tangible supply chains
  • Growth markets and opportunities in marine, rail, power gen and other industrial/commercial applications
  • Existing and new supply chain assets driving market expansion and acceleration
  • The competitive business advantage of natural gas given its long-term price stability and predictability
  • Continued focus on environmental drivers—regulatory and sustainability

Attendees had the unique opportunity to tour local, real-world projects and gain firsthand insight:

  • TOTE Continues to Operate the World’s First LNG-Powered Container Ships: Two LNG-powered ships are in weekly service between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.
  • Pivotal LNG’s Innovative ISO Bunkering System for TOTE: Simplicity and sophistication on display here with this on-dock LNG bunkering strategy.
  • JAX LNG Is Constructing North America’s First Small-Scale Coastal LNG Facility: This JV project between Pivotal LNG and NorthStar Midstream is expected in-service Q4 2017.
  • TOTE Will Deploy North America’s First LNG Bunker Barge: The completed barge will be ready in 2017 and will be on display at the event.
  • Crowley Is Deploying Its First LNG Vessels: The ConRo ships, scheduled for deployment in 2017, will also operate in a weekly service to Puerto Rico.
  • Crowley On-Dock LNG Storage and Bunkering: Crowley’s ConRo ships will be fueled directly from an on-dock fuel storage an bunkering station.
  • Eagle LNG Is Building Two LNG Production Plants: Opening in 2017 and 2019, these plants will serve local HHP markets and the export market respectively.
  • Florida East Coast Railroad Is Converting to LNG: With DOT FRA approvals in place, LNG locomotive and tender car deployments are underway.
  • UPS LNG Fleet and Refueling Station: Part of a national natural gas fleet, UPS one of the largest LNG fleets and fueling stations in the world in Jacksonville.

Interested in viewing the presentations and photos from a past HHP Summit? Visit GNA’s website, the producers of HHP Summit, for access to all of our events—past and future!