Watch as natural gas and high horsepower professionals share their insights and real-world experiences across a wide spectrum of natural gas technologies. Learn what these high horsepower fleet operators and infrastructure developers gain from attending HHP Summit, including peer-to-peer learning, networking opportunities, valuable business insight, and more.

Florida East Coast Rail
Fran Chinnici, Senior VP, COO
Meet Florida East Coast Rail (FECR) and learn about their pioneering LNG project, with 24 locomotives running 100% on LNG. These 4400 HP Tier 3 emissions compliant locomotives make up FECR’s entire mainline thru-haul fleet operating between Jacksonville and Miami.

Matt Jackson, Vice President of LNG
Gain insight from Crowley on the deployment of their two new LNG-powered ConRo ships, the world’s first. These environmentally friendly ships fuel with Crowley’s on-dock LNG storage and bunkering system consisting of two 1,000 cubic meter LNG storage tanks from Chart, holding more than 500,000 liters of LNG.

TOTE, Inc.
Peter Keller, Executive Vice President
Meet TOTE, Inc., one of the earliest market movers in the North American LNG marine market. Operating two of the world’s first LNG fueled container ships between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico, TOTE employs an innovative on-dock ISO-tank LNG bunkering facility that has served TOTE’s vessels for more than a year.

Eagle LNG Partners
Sean Lalani, President
Learn from an experienced, innovative bulk LNG provider, supplying LNG to Crowley in Jacksonville, and customers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean from their new plant in the Maxville area west of Jacksonville. The facility has a production capacity of 200,000 gallons per day of LNG, a 1-million-gallon storage tank, and a modern system to load fuel into ISO tanks for truck delivery.

Pivotal LNG
Tim Hermann, President
Gain insight from an LNG supplier committed to providing LNG as an alternative fuel for customers. In Jacksonville, the JAX LNG production facility is a newly constructed small-scale coastal LNG plant, a joint venture between Pivotal LNG and NorthStar Midstream. This facility will load North America’s first LNG bunkering barge, which will provide bunkering services for TOTE’s two LNG-powered container ships.