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E&P Operations

North America’s oil and gas exploration companies continue to make advances in the use of natural gas to power operations at the wellhead. Using field gas from on-site production lowers fuel costs, greatly reduces flare gas, and lessons truck traffic related to diesel deliveries. Innovative companies have come up with the means to capture, transport and market the gas that in the past was flared, or vented, during oil and gas operations. This wasted gas is now a viable revenue source, and offers a major reduction in GHG emissions. The E&P sector is continually looking for opportunities to make operations greener and more efficient, using field gas is one way they are making that happen.

Join us for the Natural Gas for High Horsepower Summit to gain insight on:

  • Innovations that both reduce methane gas emissions and avoid flaring
  • Infrastructure development considerations
  • Current and next-generation natural gas engine technology for E&P operations
  • Continued focus on environmental drivers – regulatory and sustainability
  • The value of fuel price stability, predictability and risk mitigation by eliminating the need to rely on diesel fuel

Project Highlights: Natural Gas for the E&P Sector

Upstream Sector Using Gas Where it is Being Produced

Natural gas and oil producers have cut costs and reduced their environmental impact by using natural gas to fuel exploration and production operations, including drilling rigs, pressure pumping equipment and well site generators. Dedicated natural gas-powered equipment as well as dual-fuel retrofits that blend natural gas with diesel fuel offer an attractive economic payback. Companies are implementing technologies from Caterpillar, GE and Westport, among others. Technology advancements also include the use of electric-powered hydraulic fracturing systems, with electric power generated onsite using 100% natural gas.

EQT Corporation believes in green drilling, and powers their field operations with field gas. Antero Resources, Apache, Chesapeake Energy and Encana were all early adopters, and contributed to advancements in techniques and best practices.

Meeting Infrastructure Challenges

Wellhead or field gas can be used at producing wells, but during wildcat drilling operations the gas supply doesn’t exist. Disruptions can also occur in the use of wellhead gas if there is a shut-in due to production issues. Infrastructure development to deliver natural gas fuel to remote drilling locations has been another one of the challenges.

One solution has been to provide LNG fuel and equipment to the drilling industry by deploying mobile LNG storage and vaporization units adjacent to a rig’s dedicated natural gas or dual-fuel gen-set, providing a reliable, continuous and clean source of natural gas.

For the latest information on the growing use of natural gas in E&P operations, join us at this year’s High Horsepower (HHP) Summit.